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Art Of War's Trina

Click image to visit Trina’s Page for more pics and pedigree

Height: 23″

Weight: 142 Pounds

Head: 24″

Color: Blue Trindle (Tri-Brindle)

Lines: Art Of War, BGK, Pro Bulls

Trina is our pick female from our BGK’s Gaston x Pro Bull’s Hayley breeding that produced the world’s biggest tri color XL Pitbulls. We are very lucky to have this girl no one was expecting any tri colors with this breeding. We were simply just combining the biggest XL Pit Bulls blood when out of nowhere this girl and her Brother showed Tri markings and with our luck they were also the best pups in the litter. Trina has the biggest bone I’ve ever seen on a XXL and she is by far the biggest tri color XL Pit Bull in the world. We expect this girl to produce some of the biggest, bulliest Xl Pit Bulls Merle and tri colors in the near future. Keep an eye out on her future breedings.

Art Of War's Destiny

Click image to visit Destiny’s page for more pics and pedigree

Height: 22.5″

Weight: 112 lbs

Head: 23″

Color: Blue 

Lines: Art Of War, Sunline, BGK, ICK

This is our pick Female from our Rockefeller x Alabama Iron’s Camaro breeding. She is linebred Stone x Hazel and a granddaughter of Iron Cross’ Corvette. Destiny has very big blood behind her. Her pedigree is not watered down like most XL Pitbulls are these days. Nothing but the biggest XL blood in her. We expect her to produce some great dogs for us in the near future.

Art Of War's Roxy

Click image to visit Roxy’s page for more pics and pedigree

Height: 23″

Weight: 125+ Pounds

Head: 23″

Color: Piebald Blue Tri

Lines: Art Of War, Sunline, BGK, Pro Bulls

Art Of War’s Roxy is our Pick Female from our Sunline’s Pain Killer AKA Tank x Art Of War’s Trina breeding. She is a very rare Piebald Blue Tri XL Pitbull/Bully Female and is already showing many of the same traits as her Mom. She is on her way to becoming one of the biggest tri color XL Pitbulls in the world like her Mother Trina. New Pics coming soon. Roxy is already over 100 pounds.

Noblepits' Juggalot

Click image to visit Patches’ Page for more pics and pedigree

Height: 19″

Weight: 100+

Head: 22″

Color: Blue tri/chocolate/lilac carrier

Lines: GK, ULP

Juggalot is the tightest bred ULP Juggernaut blood female in the World. She is off XLBU’s Dexter (a Jugg Son) bred to Topshelf Maria (an inbred Jugg Daughter) She is very thick and extremely wide with a very  big chest. She is 3x ULP’s Juggernaut right up front. This girl is also a tri chocolate and lilac carrier.

Art Of War's Bella

Click image to visit Bella’s Page for more pics and pedigree

Height: Growing

Weight: Growing

Head: Growing

Color: Blue Merle Tri

Lines: Art Of War, Pro Bulls

Bella is the 1st pick female fromour Probulls Miami ink x Art of War’s trina breeding. Ink is off the 174 Pound Monster Pro Bulls Sinister and Trina is the mother to the World’s biggest merle tri XL Bully Pitbull Sunline’s All Eyez On me AKA Omega. With parents like that this girl will have absolutely no problem becoming the biggest, merle tri female ever with huge bone and head size. No one does merle like we do. 

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